Saturday, 15 November 2014

Introductory monologue

Hello friends !

This feels very foreign to me, as for the past year and a half, I have been posting my thoughts, opinions and outrage (typically) through Tumblr form. However, after recently discovering the Blogspot realm, and finding lovely reads from other bloggers, have decided to switch into the more 'appropriate' style of a blogger. I am, after all aspiring to be a journalist/editor/reporter (am still unsure of my future career in the media and communications industry).

First things first (I'm the realest; Iggy will be forever engraved as she made that statement into an introductory rap verse) I will begin to introduce myself so that you will feel a bit more acquainted with me. I initially headed to proceed into a question and answer blogpost, where I answer the designated questions that I've found randomly on Tumblr. I find answering questions about myself to be rather therapeutic, it makes me feel significant as though I am answering questions to an interviewer minus the beady stares and mindless nodding. 

My name is Stephanie and I am 18 years and am residing in Sydney, Australia. Studying a media and communications degree at UTS, majoring in Bachelor of Social Inquiry (at the moment..I'm trying to transfer to journalism). My current fav items on the agenda are documentaries, I have an embarrassing obsession with John Green (post-teen angst is hitting me in my early stages of adulthood. wonderful.), Ty Dolla Sign, summer nights, juicy fruits and of course, the essence of my existence, my boyfriend whom we have shared a mesmerising period of 11 months together (just over a year if you're counting the days which we were friends).

I will now link my previous blog here, just for a quick run-down on my personality. On there includes  a more detailed introductory summary, a list of my fav films, photos of my personal life and of yours truly, alongside of course my past posts.

Signing off

Steph ^.^

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